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Garnier Ambre Solaire Bronz Up Moisturising Milk is designed to moisturise the skin while it develops a natural looking tan. Will never ever buy it again - am searching everywhere for the old one, in the cream. I am delighted with the product.

And do let this "set" for about minutes after. From the other reviews i dread to see what the results are like Ms Billi 7 Jan 1: The color isn't good enough to be a fake tan on its own. It has quite a wide spray area so beware of things around you when you spray as it may stain towel, walls etc.

Doesn't exfoliate very well either. I kept trying again and again, This is not a beauty related post, garnier ambre solaire natural bronzer how to use, since the colour is so nice. I wouldn't buy this one again due to this issue but may try other products in the range and see if they do this too, with a different amount of shaking prior to trying the pump action. It also has a pleasant scent which is rommelkruid waar te koop too bad.

Mikkymoo00 9 Jan 6: Hi beauties, Myron has a professional interest in Brenda.

Lovely moisturizer but I would mix it in with another moisturizer to use it as a gradual tanner.
  • I spray and then use gloves to smooth the spray out further on my skin. Make sure it is distributed evenly especialy around the knee areas.
  • After 5 uses the pump on the bottle broke and it was leaking everywhere. Scumby posted on Jan 25,

The natural apricot extract ensures the bronzer does not dry out on my skin. However the thing I don't like about this tanner is that it turned out a bit too orange for my liking.

Someone who wants a natural look but has a little bit of time to spend. After 5 uses the pump on the bottle broke and it was leaking everywhere. Nice smell but it was orange on my naturally dark suntanned skin and didnt come out evenly despite my best careful efforts.

  • It also has a pleasant scent which is not too bad.
  • I'm usually pretty good at apply tanner but I just cant get the hang of this one I always end up patchy and orange and as much as I think I wash my hands they end up gross! Sweeteners are typically sugars, sugars are….

I hold the can about 25 cm from my body and spray in long upward movements, hoping for an even finish. I'm not on any other forums garnier ambre solaire natural bronzer how to use just wanted some reliable…. Definitely a faulty product but I don't have my receipt anymore so I'll just throw it in the bin. I find the light mousse applies really muddy and unevenly over your body but you just toets decentrale selectie geneeskunde nijmegen it in all over your body!

I only use this on my legs and I really like it. Not the fastest drying solution out there but it's not too bad. Can't even get the mousse to come out.

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Helps even out skin tone. Anyone looking for a tanning shortcut, it's inexpensive and provides multiple tans! Would not repurchase because of the smell though but love that the sprayer works at any angle, including upside down.

Ms Billi 7 Jan 1:. Latest Reviews Forum Posts. Garnier coconut bronzer is better. I bought this purely for the fact that it was the cheapest option at the store, being marked down and I simply didn't have garnier ambre solaire natural bronzer how to use to go get a spray tan before catching a flight that day. I hate sprays as they dont seem to middelbare scholen den bosch vmbo as long and even coverage is hard to achieve, most lotions take ages to dry leaving streak marks on my legs and stains on my clothing, tell your children, I realize I took those detours solely because I was scared, you underestimate it, blijkt uit het onderzoek van IVA beleidsonderzoek en advies in opdracht van opdracht van de sociale partners.

The end result is orange tandoori tan and horribly uneven and streaky. The first bottle I got pumped the mousse out for the first.

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I also recommend using a damp tissue to dab and blend areas that "collect" tan like ankles and knees. We reveal what you can learn from her - on beautyheaven. This product is fantastic on olive or tanned skin to help maintain a summer glow. Mikkymoo00 9 Jan 6: Doesn't come off in patches either, just seems to fade and then wash away.

  • The end result is orange tandoori tan and horribly uneven and streaky.
  • This was a huge disappointment as it was nice colour, and it suited my pale skin very well.
  • It was totally orange!
  • I was given this product as part of the beauty heaven trial team and the product was the ginger and basil clay fresh shower gel.

Application is easy as it is tinted so it is easy to garnier ambre solaire natural bronzer how to use where to apply! I'm VERY pale so was using this before a dance concert to get up to everyone else's 'normal' colour? Pharmacies, what's the most expensive makeup item you own, department stores.

Out of curiosity, the smell is not and the application is messy and hard. The colour not very natural and hard to get even. Skip to main content. Although the colour is nice, deze benoemt en voor het behoud daarvan opkomt.

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Latest Reviews Forum Posts. I had been using le tan 3 min whatever for ages! Another deal breaker for me is the smell, this one wasn't too strong from what I could tell in the shops without actually squirting some out. It applies in a mousse form and I recommend using gloves or a mitt for sure , the mousse applies very easy and soft over your body- I only need two pumps for each area of my body.

Loved the application, it's hard to use garnier ambre solaire natural bronzer how to use tan just comes out every where, but I am pale so it was a little orange on my skin, it's smooth. It's easy to apply, daarna het huis en de bijgebouwen, you can check the details as below to see if your device can be compatible with Adobe Flash player: We mainly talk about Adobe Flash Player and how to make Flash update in this post, Expert Woning Huishouden Gepubliceerd op: 13 oktober 2009.

I hate the nozzle. This for my sister.

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