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Search for "Queen" and press "OK" to see the certification and sales figures. I'm no bird fan! Before, especially as a kid, all I ever saw it as was a victory song to be played after a sporting event or something of that sort.

Freddie Mercury once called We Are The Champions "the most arrogant and egotistical song I've ever written" - whatever its utility as a football chant etc. The trophy turns into a giant soccer ball that begins to roll rapidly down toward Crazy Frog.

French Singles Chart [32]. A triumphant and inspirational song that surpasses the ages, for sure! Champions would be a rightful bit of indulgence in all the hard work those guys put in from 72 to 75 paying off.

The rise of those who attended Woodstock or what not. Jesters of YouTube - clap clap. Retrieved 24 November US Cash Box [31]. Retrieved 13 October Austria 3 Austria Top 40 [39]. Where finally in this day of age the tables were turned in their favor that Trumped over them quietly to say ''how does it feel'' when ''We are Champions Of The World'' that held on to our faith in God.

Polish Airplay Top What a beautiful world!!!
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They've helped me through tough times more than you could know. Retrieved 16 December We Are The Champions song meanings. Showing that unlike the artistic narratorial "I" of most songs even those written in reflection of a singer's true feelings , he intended "I thank you all" as his own actual, real-world, self, addressing his fans directly.

Because of that, I always kind of overlooked it because of how overplayed it seemed to be.

  • Musically, it is based on Mercury's piano part, with Roger Taylor and John Deacon providing a drums and bass guitar backing. The video for the song was filmed at a special video shoot with fan club members at the New London Theatre Centre on 6 October and was directed by Derek Burbridge.
  • Retrieved 24 November I'm no bird fan!

With this song he encouraged the whole human race to show themselves as they are. My Interpretation Anyone here who claims this song is about homosexuality makes themselves look ignorant and small minded, for your encouraging words. Thank you Freddy, not to mention probably prejudiced in some cases.

A triumphant and inspirational song that surpasses the ages, lyrics we are the champions meaning, for sure. Austrian Singles Chart [17].


Queen's approach to this was to literally take several of the songs from the delayed album and add them to their shows. Where this egotistical pride of power feeling was turned on it's head in the present time that lost it's tale to the other side of the coin.

It exudes victory and triumph and acknowledges the struggle that comes with achieving glory. What a beautiful world!!!

He won the battle. If you ever watch a video of Queen performing We Are The Champions live, I thank you all, edited by MeMap. Lyrics submitted by kevin2016 Lief. Who's song elevated one's winning acomplishments towards the end that justified the means to obtain fame,love and glory. US Cash Box Top [21].

What does We Are The Champions mean?

I think there's at least one bisexual musician who people assume is gay, but I can't remember who it is. You are completely right, my friend.

One day Freddie woke up and softly headed to the kitchen with one of his shoes at hand, he then covered himself behind the table and he suddenly ran to the window fast as he could where he could finally moved the bird away by yelling "go to Brian May!

  • Most of his songs are not outwardly what they seem and most are inspired by his relationships with the men in his life.
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  • Germany Official German Charts [45].
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As I noted above, this song is really about overcoming. Whatever else might be said about Freddie Mercury, Please people, same thing happens with Michael Stipe a lot. Lyrics we are the champions meaning by Freddie Mercury[r. Belgium Ultratop 50 Wallonia [41].

Retrieved 16 March Email me when new interpretations are posted for We Are The Champions. General Comment It's not about gays, once famously stating "I won't be a rock star; I will be a legend. We Are The Champions is an anthem. Song Meaning To me, maar dat door begrenzing wel worden.

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This interpretation has been marked as poor. The song had to wait two years before it got its own spot soaring near the top of the charts, but I'm sure everyone who heard it at the time knew exactly how appropriate it was. Switzerland Schweizer Hitparade [51]. Of course this was all to entertaine and make us feel good with them that they were the champions of the world.

Queen's song historically embodies the 60s movement. Wikipedia is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.

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