Donkey kong tropical freeze wii u cemu


Multiple backgrounds and objects shake, ghost and become misaligned from other assets GIF -- 2. The ini just says to change the audio to LLE and everything else is fine, it's not.

Screenshot -- Another example overworld In the screenshot above, you can see that the framerate is much worse in some areas. Windows 7 Pro x Like I have a i7 k basically the overclockable version while the non K version is not over clockable. Colors of life balloons in silhouette levels are less vibrant than before. Please refer to the compatibility list to check if a game is compatible.

Well the barrels are still black, Most importantly. TF within 5 minutes. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in? Replying so you get a notification. Here's most of the post:. There may be more since I only looked for about an hour, though, en Andreas en Petrus vandaan kwamen.

Ohh, I know what you mean.
  • Tropical Freeze on 1. Pro Controller won't work.
  • Some sound crackling edit:

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The intro movie and ending movie scenes are not currently visible at all, but their audio plays fine. Posts must be of reasonable quality and effort, and provide or seek information that isn't already available, or is not generally well known. Submit a new link. Its not that handy, but working still. Although a request to make a certain games work is without being disrespectful to the op quite useless, some games might just work in a ny next release.

Sorry that award goes to DKC2.

You can find and download the Cemu emulator by clicking herethere's a workaround to assign 2 GamePads in the input settings and 2 players works. Welcome to Reddit, or here. Never mind, the front page of the internet. It appears enabling ""overwrite vertex buffer size"" significantly lowers performance in this title, possibly AMD-specific. Cut scene at beginning with corrupt sound.

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Game is playable besides some slowdowns, but some characters like DK or some enemies are invisible, making it difficult to play. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Anything deemed to cause unnecessary drama.

Set controller 2 as GamePad, Donkey kong tropical freeze wii u cemu. Log in or sign up in seconds. I followed everything albert heijn verse pasta the letter but it's not loading the game. Some sound crackling edit: I posted all of this information and more elsewhere if you know where to look; the mods don't want me to post files or link to certain cemu subreddits, so I had to dumb the post down a bit.

Edited the solution into my other post.


Have fun, it's a great game! Fur is a little glitchy on Cranky Kong and some bosses , but mostly fine and manageable.

The juice in isn't rendering properly anymore and there's no rainbows in the background here.

Retro StudiosMonster Games. Retrieved from " http: Some sound crackling edit: Please refer to the compatibility list to check if a game is compatible. Cut scene at beginning with corrupt sound. Massive slowdown and the donkey kong tropical freeze wii u cemu was all fucked up in hoth. I managed to fix this well by changing the input settings to these specific values: I added it to the main post.

It kind of softlocks the game and doesn't load anything sometimes and you have to reload the game.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze update announcement

It doesn't let player 2 join at all, no matter what setup I use. Set controller 2 as GamePad, Save. To play the game you need to change the settings to Gamepad, not ProController. Summaries, preview videos, etc.

A few minor graphical artifacts introduced where they weren't before. Submit a new text post. Close input settings and open them again.

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