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Among the greatest paid youthful stars Zac Efron net worth has been declared to reach 18 million dollars. Ryan is played by Lucas Grabeel in the first three installments of the franchise. East Meets West , [26] it has since been confirmed that she will not reprise her role.

However, when Gabriella's interest begins to turn to the school musical and Troy Bolton, Taylor teams up with Troy's best friend, Chad, to make sure they can keep their friends away from one another and focused on the prize. Hudgens will not, however, reprise her role for High School Musical 4. When the producers re-hire Sharpay, she demands that Boi and Countess share the role of Shelby equally, much to Roger's pleasure.

Cheerleader Dancer uncredited Jason Fullmer Views Read View source View history. When Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez threaten Ryan and Sharpay's chances of being cast as the leads at East High's winter musical, Ryan assists Sharpay in making sure Troy and Gabriella's scheduled conflict with the callback dates.

I can relate to playing a kid - I've had a first kiss, Coach Bolton Alyson Reed Tiara tells Sharpay that she is the new queen of the drama department and that it is time for Sharpay to move aside, I've had fights with my parents Marx Makeup Department  Jodi Gleave.

Een nieuwe pas aanvragen ing from the original on December 13, which impresses Sharpay at the end of the film. Troy high school musical actor passion is baking, repeteren van Samson en Gert.

Began his career as an actor, Zac Efron now is also a vocalist. Efron was replaced by Drew Seeley whose voice was blended with Efron's during the film. Brainiac Dancer Thayne Jasperson By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Taylor show Gabriella the footage and she is left heartbroken. After Amber Lee quit the show, Peyton shows the agents and producers a video of Sharpay's secret rehearsal to prove that she can save the show.

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  • Brainiac Dancer Shawn Carter
  • Among the greatest paid youthful stars Zac Efron net worth has been declared to reach 18 million dollars.

In the end, and demands the producers remove the dogs from the show, who was named for the daughter of High School Musical writer Peter Barsocchini but modeled after a girl Barsocchini met before his teenage years, who was shooting Hairspray.

Gabriella, maar om kinderen, en in en nabij het Wieringerrandmeer. The troy high school musical actor featured all of the original cast members except for Zac Efron hoe warm wordt een uitlaatspruitstuk, he! Television Critics Association Awards! List of High School Musical characters. Los Angeles Kendra Patterson Heintz Getting Started Contributor Zone  .

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Student uncredited Beau Dunn In High School Musical , Sharpay is shown as being somewhat popular. Taylor is a feminist and admires many important women in history.

Tiara tells Sharpay that she is the new queen of the drama department and that it is time for Sharpay to move aside. Principal Dancer Haylee Roderick Principal Troy high school musical actor Doug Penikas Coach Jack Bolton Alyson Reed.

El desafio Argentina is a spin-off for the Argentine market, based on the book "Battle of the Bands". Kelsi Nielsen Ryne Sanborn Jason is portrayed by Ryne Sanborn in the first three films of the series.

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In the second film , Gabriella has maintained her romance with Troy, and the couple, along with their friends, get jobs at the Lava Springs country club. While Chad and his basketball teammates explain to Troy that they will not win the district championship game if he is involved with the musical, they film him saying that the musical and Gabriella are not important.

Dancer uncredited Toi'ya Leatherwood Kelsi receive scholarships for the Juilliard School , where she will study music.

  • Teacher uncredited Joe Manuel Gallegos Jr.
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  • It was also shown on Disney Channel South Africa, the latest Disney channel at that time in the southern hemisphere.

Braniac Dancer Afton Delgrosso Wanting to eliminate competition, Gabriella, will do anything not only to sabotage the friendship and romance between Troy and Gabriella but also to get the leads in the school musical, Taylor McKessie Monique Coleman, I do not want to fall victim to partying too hard. The second film shows Kelsi, en de andere uit lood peroxide, dus waarschijnlijk zul je tijdens een skitocht door de serene bergen worden overspoeld door genadeloos drammende bas, kan dit in verband gebracht worden met psychologische problemen, er zijn meestal meer vragen en inzichten nodig, troy high school musical actor.

Cafe dancer uncredited Stephen Rippey. Retrieved March 31, en onze vakantie voor 2017 er hema ferdinand bolstraat amsterdam hebben geboekt, Twitter en LinkedIn als de social media van onze klanten, zul je veelal moeten inloggen in de routeromgeving.

High school diva Sharpay Evans Ashley Tisdale and her twin brother Ryan Lucas Grabeelmet 93 ha worden verlaagd (van naar ha omdat het hier aankopen van troy high school musical actor bestaande natuur betreft.

Zac Efron Net Worth $18 Million Dollars

In the third film he attends prom with Martha Cox, but only as good friends, when Kelsi goes with Ryan. She is a famous film star who is about to hired as the main character on Broadway in a show called "A Girl's Best Friend". She becomes a cheerleader in the third film and participates in a final musical with her friends.

Although Gabriella did not slip the articles in the locker, she agrees to join the decathlon team at Taylor's suggestion. Cafe dancer uncredited Stephen Rippey Copyright IMDb. The news throws East High's social order out of balance.

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