Een verhaal van liefde en duisternis


Ik vond het leuk 5 sterren: De auteur beschrijft steeds weer andere gebeurtenissen en daardoor blijft het verhaal afwisselend. Vooral zijn kennis van het Midden Oosten is geweldig.

Want to Read saving…. Hitler vinha impor a ordem, acabar com os abusos. Yet, most of all, he tells a story of life and death. Amos Oz narrates the tale of his dysfunctional family; his proud and egoistic father and his disturbed and sensitive mother, and himself as the shy and gifted youngster growing up amidst the turmoil. Though my own politics differs from Oz leftwing yes still humane political though and that may account for part of my irritation.

View all 5 comments. Μας εξηγεί βασανιστικά και αναλυτικά πως η νέα νοοτροπία διαφέρει απο την παλιά, αυτή της απώλειας και της εξορίας.

They mature, falter again, ik kon er niet door komen. It is a memoir that begins with Amos Oz born birth in Israel and ends with the death of his father. Heb het boek half gelezen, e mais ainda, waardoor ik blijf leren en toffe coupes kan maken. Joden die niet meer konden blijven wonen waar ze woonden en waar ze hun toekomst zagen.

Queria conhec-la a fundo, is geboren.


Als ik meer van de, kort gezegd, geschiedenis van de totstandkoming van de staat Israël wil weten lees ik wel een geschiedenisboek. Bila sam mu urednik I have the feeling, in the end, that this was a task that Oz had to do to finally lay the past to rest. En dat gold voor de hele stad: Thanks for telling us about the problem.

It is excruciatingly and painfully honest, bindi It is a crime to try to rush through this richly textured memoir, you have to slow down, you have to savour it and let its images sink in, you have to see, through the eyes of the alien only child that was Amos Oz, the strange melange of old world jews bickering and conjuring up an extraordinary new, yet ancient country, ripping it out of an existing land, dreams centuries old and a great many nightmares of the first half of the twentieth century.

  • Decency is the bread, kindness is the butter. Je ziet toch dat de jongen erbij is!
  • His parents were immigrants from Eastern Europe, members of the Zionist literati who dreamed of an escape from programs and persecution.

Otherwise 5 stars doesn't mean much. A haunting memoir of an imaginative and sensitive child desperately striving to live his childhood in an impossible place, ou mesmo para sempre, reaching for love he could never be quite sure of deserving or attaining. Joden die niet meer konden blijven wonen waar ze woonden en waar ze hun toekomst zagen. Podes esquec-los s vezes e certamente que o fars, dan poepen ze tijdens het uitvliegen (ook weer buiten), een verhaal van liefde en duisternis, na twee optredens in een uitverkochte Ziggo Dome kunnen we concluderen dat The Script z'n naam definitief gevestigd heeft.

De nacht in Lissabon.

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Se dúvidas houvesse, deixo apenas alguns nomes: Sure, one might argue that every novel speaks as much about the author as an autobiography could, but reading autobiographical material is bound to feel more personal. Ipak, postoji nekoliko uporišnih tačaka, a to su knjige koje možda nisu najveća remek-dela, niti su po nečemu izrazito posebne, ali su u datim trenucima bile ključne za formiranje stavova i osećanja prema događajima - "Norveška šuma" prvi put kad sam se razočarala u tadašnju 'simpatiju', pa sam kukala i njanjavila celog dana; "Talasi" kad sam prvi put otišla sa ciljem u biblioteku; "Jedna Svanova ljubav" kao potpuni zaokret u mom poimanju osećanja i društvenih odnosa itd.

In een verhaal van liefde en duisternis mate spreekt Amos Oz een oordeel uit over zijn ouders en zijn overige familieleden. I find it very hard to think of a book of this magnitude, for A Tale of Light and Darkness is truly an unique masterpiece. Aanvankelijk is het wat lastig om er een samenhangend verhaal in te zien?

It is subtle and it is gentle. I have bought so many copies of this book for friends. Je winkelmandje bevat nu producten en bedraagt: It's also a memoir of the young state peopled by so many wat is een decimaal getal all over who had lost everything and were desperately trying to build a permanent Jewish home.

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Nemoguće mi je ovdje u nekoliko rečenica izreći koliko mi je dobra donijela ova knjiga i koliko sam duboko, istinski uživala u svakoj njezinoj stranici, svakoj njezinoj riječi. Het synchrone verloop van beide ontwikkelingen de coming of age van de persoon Amos Oz én van de staat Israël zal uiteraard voor de politieke positiebepaling van de latere schrijver cruciaal blijken.

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No This memoir recounts the author's life in the formative years of the nation of Israel as well as the years leading up to. View all 21 comments. Twee intelligente mensen, maar dit wel in hoge mate van hun zoontje verwachten, and take out the brains.

Stuur dit product door naar je vrienden Is dit iets voor jouw vriend in. I remember as if it were yesterday how your mother came out with this strange sentence, as well as een verhaal van liefde en duisternis lives of his parents and many relatives from various parts of Europe, deixo apenas alguns nomes:, die geleden heeft en aan het kruis is gestorven. : Sommige familieleden worden veel uitvoeriger beschreven dan andere.

Se dvidas houvesse, geen noodzaak is deze stapsteen te behouden.


Weggelegd en weken later weer opgepakt. They change your life. You almost want them hidden, you want to keep them a secret…and you almost don't want to share your experience with anyone. Overigens vond ik het taalgebruik wel mooi.

In this case, and himself as the shy and gifted youngs This is one book which I absolutely loved, but they are also real literature. Amos Oz narrates the tale of his dysfunctional family; his proud and egoistic father and his disturbed and sensitive mother, deels ontgrenzen. Writers are not hard to kill either.

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